Maternity Services in Munich

There are many different maternity services in Munich. There are several highly-regarded hospitals in the city, providing specialised care and multilingual maternity clinics with English-speaking doctors and midwives.


There are a variety of pregnancy services in Munich, from specialists in fertility and conception to doulas, midwives and healthcare professionals, ensuring that expat mums-to-be feel supported when having a baby in Germany.


Maternity Classes

Pre and post-natal classes are available in English, empowering pregnant expat mums in Munich to enjoy the experience of pregnancy, and approach birth with confidence and a positive attitude. There is an active community of international parents and maternity experts in the Bavarian capital, promoting positive birth stories and access to the different birth services in Munich, including English-speaking midwives, doulas, private therapists and consultants.


The city is home to a great support network of international families, with regular meet-ups, playgroups and events for networking and connecting with like-minded families from all over the world.


Maternity Wellbeing

There are several yoga studios offering special courses and pre-natal workshops for pregnant mums, as well as mother and baby yoga to enable mums to practise mindfulness and improve their overall health and wellbeing. There are also several great local swimming pools and fitness centres offering pre and postnatal programmes for new parents to help them feel their best while preparing for and subsequently adapting to a new baby in Munich.


More Information

To read more information on the German healthcare system, visit the MumAbroad Ultimate Guide to Moving to Germany.


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