Living in Italy

International families moving to and living in Italy

Moving to Italy as a family is a sure-fire way to experience la dolce vita. Nobody can deny that from pizza and prosecco to Prada and Piaggio, living in Italy offers expats immersive access to a unique and romantic European way of life.

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Living in Italy with kids

Italy is a hugely family friendly place to raise children. Living in Italy with kids is a unique opportunity for them to grow up bilingual while learning about Italy’s ancient history and culture. Expats in Italy have access to so much culture and gastronomy, with endless activities for kids to enjoy and excellent schooling in English or Italian.


Expats in Italy

The iconic boot-shaped country has a surprising variety of different areas to choose from for expats in Italy or families considering an international move. Moving to Italy could mean living in the north with ski slopes on your doorstep, or in vibrant fashionable Milan. From the beautiful architecture of historic Rome, to the unique charms of the unexplored south or the islands of Sicily or Sardinia, living in Italy has so much to offer.


Imagine waking up to the rolling hills of Umbria and Tuscany or surrounded by the iconic architecture and art of Florence. Emilia-Romagna is also a fantastic location for expats in Italy, with a growing international community moving to Italy to experience the region, with its incredible local produce.


At, we’ve broken down the most attractive lifestyle benefits for each region when moving to Italy. For in-depth advice and recommendations from other expats in Italy, read our useful directories covering all things related to living in Italy.


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