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Moving to Italy as a family is a sure-fire way to experience la dolce vita. Nobody can deny that from pizza and prosecco to Prada and Piaggio, living in Italy offers expats immersive access to a unique and romantic European way of life.


Living in Italy with Kids

Italy is a hugely family friendly place to raise children. Living in Italy with kids is a unique opportunity for them to grow up bilingual while learning about Italy’s ancient history and culture. Expats in Italy have access to so much culture and gastronomy, with endless activities for kids to enjoy and excellent schooling in English or Italian.


Expats in Italy

The iconic boot-shaped country has a surprising variety of different areas to choose from for expats in Italy or families considering an international move. Moving to Italy could mean living in the north with ski slopes on your doorstep, or in vibrant fashionable Milan. From the beautiful architecture of historic Rome, to the unique charms of the unexplored south or the islands of Sicily or Sardinia, living in Italy has so much to offer.


Imagine waking up to the rolling hills of Umbria and Tuscany or surrounded by the iconic architecture and art of Florence. Emilia-Romagna is also a fantastic location for expats in Italy, with a growing international community moving to Italy to experience the region, with its incredible local produce.


At, we’ve broken down the most attractive lifestyle benefits for each region when moving to Italy. For in-depth advice and recommendations from other expats in Italy, read our useful directories covering all things related to living in Italy.

Read about living in Italy by one of our community, writer Elizabeth Heath

LIFESTYLE benefits of living in Italy

  • Excellent and varied climate
  • World class food and wine
  • Beautiful countryside, beaches, mountains and islands
  • Rich heritage, steeped in art and culture
  • Safe, welcoming family culture
  • Effortlessly chic, relaxed lifestyle

PRACTICAL benefits of living in Italy

  • Great education, free or paid, local or international
  • Excellent healthcare available to all
  • Good public transport (but unique driving style!)
  • Great location to access Europe and beyond
  • Wide variety of property options
  • Immersion in another language, with good English spoken


Finding the best place to live in Italy will very much depend on your needs and circumstances. Each city has its individual culture, history and industry based on a rich and long-standing trading past that dates back thousands of years.


Wherever you choose to relocate, education and healthcare throughout Italy is based on a common dedication to offering excellent services that are available to all. The Italian public school system is free, while private international schools are available to serve the expat community. Healthcare in Italy is also freely available, although private insurance is an option.

Moving to ROME, key attractions

  • International capital, cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Large expat community, 10% non-Italian population
  • Beautiful architecture, museums and galleries
  • Great location in the centre of the country
  • Centre of politics, business and industry


Finding things to do with kids in Italy is a breeze. Not only is the Italian culture one of Europe’s most family-friendly, it is also based on outside activities, epic family events and – just like in the movies – long multi-generational lunches in the sun where nobody complains while kids run around enjoying themselves.

Moving to MILAN, key attractions

  • Perfect location for skiing and Alpine lifestyle
  • Italy’s largest city, major hub of industry, growing service sector
  • Lower cost of living compared to eg London
  • Plenty of international kindergarten and secondary schools
  • Great location for international travel with high-speed links


Getting a mortgage in Italy is open for expats and the property market is healthy in the key expat locations. Like any country with a long history, the real estate in Italy dates from chic modern city apartments to historic castles and vineyards.


Whether you’re looking for a ski lodge, a seaside villa or a sleepy house in a village square, or even a substantial townhouse in one of Italy’s main cities, there’s something for every expat looking to relocate.

Moving to TUSCANY & UMBRIA, key attractions

  • Achingly beautiful landscape and architecture
  • Superb food and wine
  • Very popular with English-speaking tourists and residents
  • Florence is the ‘cradle of the Rennaisance’
  • Easy access to Lucca, Pisa, Chianti, San Gimignano and more


The definition of the best place to live in Italy will depend on whether you are retiring, looking for work or moving with your current company. Or perhaps you are searching for adventure based on the reputation Italy has been presenting in every movie, advertisement and wedding photo for decades.

Moving to EMILA-ROMAGNA, key attractions

  • Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna
  • Superb ham and cheese in Parma
  • Ferrari and Lamborghini in Modena
  • The oldest university in the world in Bologna
  • Easy access to the northern Apenninines


You can’t be sure that moving to Italy will bring you la dolce vita but it’s certainly likely. And whatever happens, Italy is a country with unique character and a love of life that will certainly give you an experience to remember.

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