Maternity Services Emilia-Romagna

There are a variety of accessible maternity services in Emilia-Romagna, providing a high standard of care and friendly support for pregnant expat mums and new parents adjusting to parenthood when having a baby in Parma and the surrounding region.


Maternity Services

The Italian healthcare system is considered to be of an excellent standard, with specialist maternity clinics and different birth services available in the region.   There are also private, English-speaking midwives who can assist during a home birth or provide support during hospital birth.


Most local maternity hospitals and clinics in Emilia-Romagna run antenatal courses for mums to be and workshops covering different aspects of childbirth and newborn care. There is a helpful non-profit association based in Bologna, provides mothers to be with information and support during pregnancy and beyond.

Parent Groups

There are many great ways to meet fellow parents and expectant parents in Emilia-Romagna, including friendly antenatal groups, bilingual playgroups and groups online, like Mamme di Parma e Provincia “Mamme Sprint” on Facebook.


Parma is home to a welcoming yoga studio that offers gentle classes for mothers-to-be, focusing on relaxation and wellbeing. Mammafit is a friendly fitness group in Parma for mums and their prams.


This is the directory of recommended maternity services in Emilia-Romagna, based on recommendations from local parents based in this beautiful Northern Italian region. If you have a recommendation for this section please get in touch via email


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