Living in Rome

Moving to Rome from abroad

With a population of nearly 2.8 million and a surface area that puts it among the biggest cities in Europe, the Italian capital is an immensely exciting (if at times chaotic) place to live. When moving to Rome, the city’s bureaucracy is notoriously complicated. The whole process of finding accommodation, registering children at school and obtaining official documents can be confusing for expats in Rome. The directory of relocation and home services in Rome includes many experienced businesses and helpful resources for families moving to Rome for the first time. 


International families living in Rome

For families living in Rome, the local culture is overwhelmingly child-friendly, with little ones welcome almost everywhere. As the capital of the ancient Roman empire and seat of the Roman Catholic Church it is steeped in history, much of which is visible in its museums, monuments and archaeological sites, that provide constant stimulation to curious young minds and seemingly endless activities for kids in Rome. As one of Italy’s greenest cities it has a wealth of parks and gardens for children to play in and a host of lifestyle benefits. 


Expats in Rome

Rome has a large expat community with various support networks centred on its many English-language churches and fantastic international schools. This coupled with an affordable and comprehensive public transport system, good public healthcare, a great food and wine culture and endless opportunities of family-friendly things to see and do make Rome a magical and interesting place to live.


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