Activities for Kids Rome

Things to do in Rome with kids

There are many educational things to do in Rome with kids and young people. From exhibits and creative workshops to fascinating archaeological sites and ancient monuments, your kids will be kept busy! The city has some fantastic interactive museums where children can learn about the Italian Capital and 3000 years of Roman history.


Indoor activities in Rome

There are plenty of unique things to do with kids in Rome, especially indoors! For example, there are theatres that show family shows, concerts, youth choirs, and orchestras. Additionally, the city also has a dedicated children’s cinema and a historic puppet theatre. The Italian capital has seemingly endless cultural offerings for children of all ages.


Outdoor activities

Rome is one of Italy’s greenest cities, and is home to a plethora of spectacular city parks, squares, and manicured gardens, all kid-friendly and fun outdoor activities. The grounds of many private historic villas are also open to the public, some of which have extensive land to explore and play in. Throughout the summer, there are so many outdoor activities to do in Rome with kids.


Workshops and walking Tours for Kids

Kids can learn hand-to-hand combat at genuine gladiator school, combining living history lessons with new skills. Furthermore, these lessons are taught by members of the Historic Group of Rome, who specialise in life-like re-enactments of Roman history. Other fun things to do in Rome with kids include excellent family-friendly walking tours for kids to discover the unique history of the Italian capital, surrounded by some of the most iconic landmarks and historic monuments in the world.


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