Healthcare Rome

Healthcare Options  in Rome

Rome healthcare

International families have excellent access to healthcare in Rome. The city has several excellent state-run health clinics and hospitals including the highly regarded general hospital on the Isola Tiberina in the heart of Rome.    


Private healthcare in Rome

For those with health insurance, reputable private clinics in Lazio, Prati and other neighbourhoods offer maternity services in Rome, with some specialising exclusively in gynaecology and obstetrics or fertility treatments.


English-speaking doctors in Rome

English-speaking doctors, gynaecologists, midwives and other healthcare professionals provide extensive pre and post natal support to prepare parents for labour, contributing to a positive birth experience when having a baby far from home.


Pregnancy healthcare in Rome

Most hospitals in Rome run antenatal courses for mums to be and some host monthly events covering different aspects of childbirth and newborn care. There are several English-speaking non-profit organisations specifically tailored for expat parents having a baby in Rome, offering information and support for mothers and new parents.


More information

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