Families Living in Spain

International families moving to Spain

Moving to Spain means following in the footsteps of many international families who have been drawn to the fantastic climate, welcoming family-friendly culture and great food. For those considering moving to and living in Spain, more than 10% of the Spanish population is made up of expats in Spain from all over Europe and beyond.

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Living in Spain offers an enviable quality of life

According to the 2018 Expat Insider report, living in Spain ranks 8th out of 68 countries overall and 3rd in terms of quality of life. Living to Spain is seen as relatively ‘trouble-free’, with people being friendly and welcoming and the language reasonably easy to learn.


Choosing where to live as an expat in Spain

Expats have many different options when deciding to live in Spain, from the cosmopolitan capital of Madrid to the Costa del Sol and Granada in the South, to the Costa Blanca, Valencia and glittering Balearic Islands. There is also tremendous diversity within Catalunya, from exciting urban living in Barcelona to the coastal cool of Sitges, the Maresme Coast and Girona close to the magnificent Costa Brava.


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