Sitges Healthcare

Families have access to excellent healthcare in Sitges. There are several hospitals and clinics in Sitges offering access to English speaking doctors and translation services. There are experienced health practitioners offering family medicine and services, from gynaecologists to child psychologists. The many different maternity clinics in Barcelona city centre are also within easy reach.


English-speaking dentist in Sitges

For families looking for an English-speaking dentist or orthodontist in Sitges, there are several highly regarded professionals practising in the town centre and neighbouring Barcelona.


Alternative Therapies and Wellness in Sitges

For parents seeking a more holistic approach to their family’s health and wellbeing, there are many alternative therapists in Sitges. There are also many fitness groups and yoga classes in Sitges for pregnant women and new mums, including fantastic boot camp classes on the beach ending with a cool-down yoga session or dip in the Mediterranean sea.


Finding the best healthcare in Sitges

For more information on healthcare in Spain visit our MumAbroad Ultimate Guide to Moving to Spain.


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