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Relocation to a new country can open up many new opportunities for getting the best from life, and expats in France will confirm that relocating across the channel is an excellent option. Living in France presents a lifestyle based on culture, great food, amazing scenery and a climate to suit just about everyone, with property to match any taste.

LIFESTYLE benefits of living in France

  • Excellent climate
  • World class food and wine
  • Beautiful and varied countryside
  • Rich heritage, steeped in art and culture
  • Safe and welcoming
  • Perfectly located to visit and travel around

PRACTICAL benefits of living in France

  • Great education, free or paid, local or international
  • Excellent healthcare available to all
  • Business friendly
  • Great roads, airports and fast TGV trains
  • Proven property market with no restrictions on foreigners getting a mortgage
  • Immersion in another language, with good English spoken


Moving to France is helped by its central location in Europe and the ease of getting to and from the country, as well as moving about within it. French education, healthcare and real estate options are among Europe’s best and like most countries the French cost of living ranges from the value of sleepy rural villages to the expense of buzzing city living.


Many expats choose to live the urban high life in Paris, but the regional hubs of Lyon, Toulouse and Nice have their own cosmopolitan appeal, including a more southerly location that provides much warmer year-round weather – one of the key benefits to expats from the cooler north.

Moving to PARIS, key attractions

  • International capital, cosmopolitan lifestyle
  • Varied climate, enjoy the seasons
  • Beautiful architecture, museums and galleries
  • Easy to get around without a car
  • Simple access to Europe and beyond


Opportunities for children and families to find indoor and outdoor activities range from mountain walks to beach fun. A choice of good international schools works alongside the free local French schools system to provide plenty of opportunities to study the English-speaking curriculum or to become bilingual and immersive in French society.

Moving to LYON, key attractions

  • Global business hub for tech, banking
  • Fast-growing profile driven by football team
  • Second only to Paris in terms of wealth and population
  • Gastronomic capital of France


Expats will tell you that if you are looking for things to do with toddlers and kids of any age and give them an interesting start in life, then France is an excellent option. Indoor activities are plentiful and outdoor activities benefit from the excellent climate, although parents will also take advantage of the babysitting and childcare to explore a few more grown-up benefits of relocating to France.

Moving to TOULOUSE, key attractions

  • Beautiful architecture
  • Mediterranean climate
  • Excellent schools and France’s oldest university
  • Cultural diversity


The French property market ranges from summer villas to chateaux, and the property buying process is helped by unrestricted access to mortgages in France for foreign buyers. Like the rest of Europe, real estate prices in France can suit any budget and French estate agents are happy to help in your search.

Moving to NICE, key attractions

  • Glamorous multicultural centre of the French Riviera
  • Thriving tourism industry, beaches and cuisine
  • Famous south of France climate
  • Significant location for the tech industry


Becoming a French citizen and fulfilling the visa requirements may change if you are planning to move from the UK to France after Brexit and it may be sensible for UK citizens to get their French visa application in early.


But given the many companies who call France home and the booming tourist industry there are opportunities to work that will hopefully remain available for expats from all countries, and relocating to France with your current company, or to explore new challenges, will continue to be an excellent idea for the whole family.

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