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Relocating to a new country is an adventure, whether you are moving abroad for work, to give the family and kids a fresh start or simply to find adventure. The southern countries are extremely popular choices, but Germany has a lot to offer families looking to relocate.


LIFESTYLE benefits of living in Germany:

  • Rich, decadent food and a rich history of beer
  • Wide variety of different places to live and visit
  • Safe, clean and welcoming with straight-talking citizens
  • Amazing green spaces even in the cities
  • The outdoor lifestyle rules, from the beach to the Bavarian Alps


PRACTICAL benefits of living in Germany:

  • One of the strongest global economies and lowest unemployment rates
  • Located in the centre of Europe for easy travel
  • Extremely well organized and efficient
  • Slick public transport system
  • Excellent public and private healthcare and education


Moving to Germany opens up a range of opportunities for all the family, with healthy living a key benefit. Germany is an amazingly green country and expats moving there will enjoy exceptional green spaces in the cities and countryside.


Living in Germany involves embracing the four seasons, but people live the outdoor lifestyle throughout the year. Family time in Germany is also important and everything closes on Sunday to create a day for families to enjoy life.


Moving to BERLIN, key attractions:

  • Europe’s coolest and greenest capital city
  • Green spaces cover a third of the city
  • Relaxed lifestyle with cafes, bars and clubs
  • Lots of things for kids and families to do, 150+ museums
  • A cool city with a rich history and architecture


It’s easy to immerse yourself in the German culture, and learning the language is always a good idea to endear yourself to the locals. Classes are widely available and often free, although English is widely spoken to a high standard as it is taught from a very early age.


The German education system is free to all and a very high standard, and the high proportion of expats (around 10%) enjoy a wide range of public and private education options, from excellent local German schools to a long list of colleges and universities serving expat higher education needs.


Moving to FRANKFURT, key attractions:

  • Gentle climate with the best summers and warmest winters
  • European business capital with high diversity
  • Striking skyscraper profile alongside history and suburban lifestyle
  • Central location with easy access to the rest of Germany and beyond
  • International airport with excellent connections (if controversial architecture!)


Childcare in Germany is widely available and compares very well to the rest of Europe, with children from 12 months having a right to a childcare place. Like the rest of the education system it pays to plan ahead and complete all applications as early as possible to secure your place at the chosen school or nursery.


Moving to HAMBURG, key attractions:

  • Germany’s ‘northern pearl’ with 2,000+ bridges and Europe’s first river tunnel
  • A love of music (and the Beatles) and the new Elbe Philarmonic Hall
  • A harbour city with cultural diversity and regeneration
  • Markets, museums, boat trips on the Elbe
  • Centre of media and logistics


Buying property in Germany is seen as a stable investment, with supply and demand being driven by the half of the population who own property and the expats who arrive and leave. You can buy a property in Germany even if you are non-resident or from outside the EU.


In general terms, Munich is the most expensive place to buy, followed by Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt ( Renting is very popular in the major cities, especially in Berlin.


Moving to MUNICH, key attractions:

  • Fantastic schools and some of the best universities in the world
  • Gateway to skiing in the Alpine lifestyle
  • Burgeoning economy with job opportunities
  • A big city with a welcoming small-town feel, an ‘international village’
  • 20+ parks including the Englisher Garten, bigger then Central Park


Relocating to Germany opens up a country of diversity and rich heritage that – in the cities in particular – offers multicultural societies that make people from all over the world feel at home.


Germany is well known for being well organised and efficient but it is also beautiful, relaxed and ideal for international families looking to start a new expat life.

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