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September 12, 2022 |

Alex Radford

My Lawyer in Spain was founded by Alex Radford, a dual qualified English Solicitor and Spanish Abogado. Alex grew up between Spain and the UK and started his legal career in 1999 at a regional law firm in the South West of England. He returned to Spain in 2003 and since then the team at My Lawyer in Spain have been supporting clients with their moves to Spain and within Spain. Alex has formed a team of experienced British Solicitors and Spanish Abogados with offices across Spain. They provide tailor-made advice, whatever your situation and for whatever legal service you require. Well known along the Costa del Sol area, Alex is a regular speaker at the A Place in Sun Live Exhibition where he advises clients on how to buy property safely and securely in Spain.

They speak your language

Understanding legal language can be difficult even in English, so trying to deal with legal matters in Spanish can leave you open to errors and misunderstandings. The English speaking team of Spanish lawyers – and British lawyers who speak Spanish – can look at your specific circumstances.  They give you the help and advice that you need, as you need it – leaving out the jargon and making it plain and simple to understand.

They are local too

No matter where you are in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands, My Lawyer in Spain have localised offices which can help you with any of your legal needs. The team of specialist, English speaking lawyers are all experts and thrive on being able to help people in what can be a difficult situation. They will ensure that you get the best results for you – with less stress and regardless of the language that is being spoken.

Services include:

  • Property Purchases or Sales
  • Rental Contracts
  • Spanish Wills, Estates and Inheritance
  • Family Law and Litigation
  • Company Incorporations
  • Tax Advice
  • Personal Injury legal advice

Not yet made the move to Spain?

My Lawyer in Spain are here to talk to you before you make the move so you are aware of the paperwork and timing and make proper plans. They will support you every step of the way. Whether you are a non-EU National, or an EU National they can help with Visas, giving you the most up to date advice and information.

If you have a legal matter to resolve in Spain and would like advice from English speaking lawyers, get in touch today!

What we like about them

  The team is bilingual - English/Spanish
  They offer a tailor-made service
  They combine local knowledge with international experience

In their own words

Your successful move and life in Spain is the forefront of all that we thrive on.” Alex Radford, Founder



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