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August 18, 2021 | Blog

Nanny Service in Barcelona – just one of the many services offered by BCN Ideal Services. They pride themselves in helping both national and international families find the perfect match when it comes to high-end nannies and domestic cleaning staff. Founded by Lyn Lozano Galicia, recruitment expert and consultant, and Manuel Silva Manzanero, lawyer and financial advisor, BCN Ideal Services can find nannies, housekeepers, in-house chefs, beauty specialists and massage therapists to suit all your family’s needs.

Should I hire a nanny instead of sending my child to daycare?


For many new parents this is a very stressful decision to make. However, in the case of working parents who can’t rely on their family to look after their children, these two choices are basically what it comes down to. So how can you decide what the best childcare choice for your family is? Both decisions have pros and cons—the best solution will be different for each family and will have to be based on you and your child’s schedules, possibilities, and needs.


While it’s true that time and money are two important factors when making a decision, it’s good to keep this in mind: sometimes it doesn’t have to be either one or the other. Keep reading to find out what exactly a nanny does, what the benefits of hiring a nanny are, and how it differs from daycare.

What does a nanny do exactly?


Nannies are qualified professionals who have special training in childhood development. They take care of children not just full-time but also part-time, depending on parents’ schedules and needs. Sometimes they may be live-in nannies, which means they live in the home of the family they work for and are more widely available to look after the children.


It’s important to note that in each case, the relationship between the family and the nanny, as well as their duties, can vary greatly. Families define their own list of duties and responsibilities they expect the nanny to fulfil, and it can often also include doing light housework, helping run errands, picking children up from school, preparing meals, etc.

What are the benefits of hiring a nanny to take care of your child?


Hiring a trained, caring nanny to look after your child has many benefits. These are just some of them, which parents often mention when explaining why they choose to trust their child’s care to a nanny:

● It allows for more parental control: parents can more easily know and control what their children are exposed to. Parents can check in regularly with the nanny, and she
can give them a detailed report at the end of the day of what the children ate, if and how they slept, what games they played and which books they read, and any other
relevant information.

● More flexibility: a nanny is definitely more flexible than a daycare when it comes to adjusting to your schedules, whatever they may be, and not the other way around.

● Nannies provide individual attention: they can focus entirely on your child and their development needs.


nanny service in barcelona

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● More convenient: nannies come to your own house, which saves you the time and hassle of having to drop your child off at the daycare. This also means there’s always someone you trust at home who can occasionally deal with issues such as being present when the handyman has to do any repairs, or help when you forget doing something at home.

● Nannies can help around the house: whether it’s light housework, preparing meals, running errands, or doing the laundry. This is key for parents’ mental health and work-life balance.

● Nannies develop a special bond with children: they’re a figure that children rely on and feel safe with.

● A safe environment for your children: your home is a familiar and safe environment where your child feels comfortable, and doesn’t have to spend the entire day away from.

Pros and cons of sending your child to daycare


Daycare centres provide the opportunity to develop important social skills from an early age. They also provide a wide range of toys, books, and learning resources, more than most children have at their own home. A big upside of daycares is their price, which is usually lower than that of a nanny. However, this often depends on your location and how many children you send to daycare.


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Some of the reasons why parents often choose to hire a nanny instead of sending their children to daycare include:

● Germs and illnesses: inevitably, being in close contact with other children as well as adults makes it easier for children to get sick at daycares.

● If your child is sick, he won’t be able to attend daycare and, therefore, you will have to make other arrangements to be able to look after them.

● Less flexibility: you have to adapt your schedule to that of the childcare centre, which means a lot less flexibility when it comes to balancing your work life, social life, and parent life.

● It might not be the best fit for your child’s personality: a more standardised way of learning as well as other children and their issues could have a negative impact on
your child.

How can I make sure my child is in good hands with a nanny?


This is a very common question all parents ask themselves when it comes to choosing a nanny for their child—and it’s totally understandable! This will be the person who will be taking care of your child when you’re not there, so it’s important to choose carefully. Here are some things to keep in mind:

● Discuss your parenting style with the possible candidates and find someone who understands it can adapt to it.

● Look for relevant training and certifications: make sure the nanny you’re thinking of hiring is well-trained for the job and has previous experience. It’s important to check their references and their background.

● Make a list of what your needs and priorities are, so you can be clear about this when meeting your new nanny.

● Consider going through a professional nanny recruitment service such as BCN Ideal Services, or hiring someone based on very good references from family and friends.

We’re here to help!


At BCN Ideal services we have plenty of experience placing professional and skilled nannies in both local and international families in Barcelona. The employees we provide are all well experienced, and we make sure they are the right fit for you by conducting a thorough interviewing and background check process.


When you choose to hire a nanny through BCN Ideal Services, you don’t have to worry about the legal aspect of hiring an employee, either: we provide legal advice before, during and after your employee will be working for you. By letting us take care of the entire recruitment process, you’ll find that hiring the right nanny for your child couldn’t be easier!

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