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January 20, 2020 | France, Women in Business, Women Lyon, Women Nice, Women Paris, Women Toulouse

In 2014 Nasia and her husband co-founded Sukhi, selling hand made rugs direct from the makers. They started off in Nepal selling handmade felt ball rugs and are able provide global exposure to these skilful and talented artisans at an affordable price. Their artisans are all hard working women, passionate about their skills. Through Sukhi Nasia has been able to give these women a voice.

Nasia told MumAbroad: “I feel super lucky that I am able to work in my own hours and have the flexibility to work from home, just as our artisans! I have a little daughter of 16 months old and Sukhi is my second baby, that needs lots of attention: did you know that there are approximately 300 artisans dependent from Sukhi? This is a motivation but at the same time you don’t want to fail. I must say, I love to work and I love what I do. Especially when you hear their personal stories about how Sukhi has improved their lives such as Samjana, she makes our felt ball rugs (in Nepal). She told us ”Being a handicapped women I am unable to go out and work but Sukhi has given me a chance to work from my home and in the same time I am able to take care of my children and I am able to contribute in our household expenses, which gives me great joy.” We offer our artisans a safe and fair workplace, buying a rug from us means that you are helping an entire community. I see a positive change lately: customers are more conscious than when we started with Sukhi 6 years ago. They want to know where their products come from, they want to know from what kind of material the products are made, they want to know who has made their products. We live in a world where we can not be selfish anymore: we have to help each other. This is a great change which I want to share and develop this year, in 2020. Sharing is caring.”

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I didn’t dare to dream that finding the rug of my dreams could be so easy! Just 5 weeks after ordering from Sukhi it was delivered and it‘s beautiful. I have been looking for that kind of rug (the traditional Kadhija with its diamond pattern) for such a long time. It reminds me that sometimes it’s worth the wait instead of settling for a compromise. Even now 5 months later, I‘m happy to look at it, walk over it or just sit on it because it’s so beautiful and comfortable.
    Thank you Sukhi rugs! (Lis)

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