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February 14, 2022 | Educational Specialists France, Educational Specialists Spain
Native English Experiences

Mairi Murphy

A native of Scotland, Mairi launched Native English Experiences in 2011, offering personalised recommendations of summer camps and academic stays in the UK and Ireland. Over the years, just like the students she works with, she has spread her wings and now deals with other markets including France, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Spain. Mairi is based in Madrid with her Spanish husband and 4 children.

Native Experiences offers a bespoke service from A-Z; advice, recommendations, management and support throughout your child’s language and/or cultural learning experience. Mairi deals directly with all her partner schools, and will stay by your side to help in every way of you and your child’s international adventure.

Here are just some of the services that Native English Experiences offer:

-Term or academic year in UK or Irish boarding school

-Term or academic year in Irish school with host Family

-Semester or academic year in Canada with host family

-Academic experience in Spain (host family or boarding option)

-Language academy in Spain with cultural and social integration (host family)

-Academic experience in France (host family or boarding option)

-Summer camps in Spain (July: Classes and activities, host families or boarding)

-Summer camps in Britain and Ireland (with or without specialist activities/ English classes)

-Ski camps in Spain (Feb: classes and skiing, staying with host families)

-Academic or summer experiences in Switzerland

-School exchanges between Ireland/UK and Spain

-Academic term or year in Australia (boarding school or homestay)

-Academic term or year in New Zealand (boarding school or homestay)

-Equestrian work experience in Ireland

-Work Experience in Ireland for 16+years (hospitality, tourism & teaching assistants)


Who better to hear form than the students themselves? In the words of 16 year old Yorina, “Living in a residence is a fantastic and privileged experience. I can live with my friends, not just go to school with them! I think it’s a really good way to prepare me for adult life and I think it’s creating a lot of opportunities for me.” You can read more parent and and student testimonials here.


Find out more about TY Experiences and gap year adventures in Spain, Canada and France

What we like about them

  Once in a lifetime opportunities for students, in a safe environment.
  Mairi’s children have all had experiences abroad so she is able to support the parents from first hand experience.
  Mairi offers experiences tailored to your needs and totally personalised.
  Free 30 minute discovery call

In their own words

I have an absolute passion for education – emotional, social and academical (in that order!) A mother of 4 children myself, I give sound insight and resolute support to parents desiring foreign educational experiences for their children. More than a simple linguistic adventure, by contracting Native English Experiences, your child will grow as a person, develop in autonomy and open their eyes to the world and what education outside their native country can offer. And as a mum, I will support you as parents through this adventure too. – Mairi Murphy



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