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July 23, 2021 | Educational Specialists Spain
Next Level English - Ricky Magee

Ricky Magee

Next Level English was founded by Ricky Magee. A father of 2 trilingual boys, very actively involved in their upbringing, education, he felt there were few affordable options to support bilingual children in Spain. Ricky has  a strong passion for teaching the English language and through Next Level English he provides an accessible service which supports other families English language goals, connects bilingual children of a similar level, and enables children to achieve their maximum potential in English. He also offers the option of being part of a community of families with children in local schools who do not study English at a higher level but are interested in increasing exposure to native English.

The courses offer live online classes with experienced native teachers in small groups with a similar level  (maximum 6 children) using the latest state-of-the-art presentation technologies and interactive EdTech games and tools to engage and inspire.


Next Level English also connects families to a safe, secure Learning Management System app to deliver tailor-made games, activities, challenges and projects. Finally they offer optional meet ups and excursions where children can meet their teacher and other students and their families and take part in group games and challenges.


Ricky has had a successful career spanning 20 years working with children as a teacher, a summer camp leader and mountain guide. He’s led over 20 expeditions to Africa, South America and Asia with teenagers as an expedition guide over the last 12 years. He also has experience managing large summer English study holidays (500+ children) in the UK. Lastly, he has a passion for technology and its benefits in education and has been incorporating EdTech tools into his teaching for the last 5 years to improve students’ learning, while building their confidence and digital skills.

What we like about them

  They offer a free trial and discounts for families with more than one child.
  As a father of 2 trilingual children, living outside of his home country, Ricky understands the need for children to interact with other native speakers.
  They facilitate learning by giving young people the tools they need to teach themselves.
  Ricky has created a community of parents too.

In their own words

Bilingual kids learn better together!” Ricky Magee



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