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August 18, 2022 |
The Garden Academy


Nitya Vaz was born in India to parents from two different cultures. Her father is Goan and her mother is Burmese which resulted in Nitya growing up in a multicultural environment. Her parents are both very musical and Nitya was immersed into a world of music and languages from early childhood. Nitya began to appreciate the nuances of the universal language of music and the ability to meaningfully communicate in different languages. She went on to obtain her Diplome Superieur de Chant Lyrique with the highest honour given by the French School Board. Nitya is also an accomplished pianist and has received her Performance Diploma in solo piano from Trinity College London.

At The Garden Academy in Paris Nitya has embedded the diverse nature of languages, musical backgrounds and cultures and has been successful in teaching the universality of music and linguistics. Based on her professional experience and training, and more specifically her teaching experience at The Garden Academy, she is fully convinced that The Garden Academy is where students can grow to their full stature as well-balanced individuals who will contribute to the well-being of the larger society wherever they may be in their journey of life and living. Nitya is the Deputy Director of the Garden Academy Paris and the Head of Music for all their centres in France.

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What we like about them

  Offer different summer camps, workshops, and programmes for children
  Available for private lessons
  Well-organized activities in a great atmosphere

In their own words

We believe in positive learning and positive reinforcement. That means children learning through play and hands-on experience in activities and in a no pressure environment. That means fun-oriented. Children are learning English through immersion: through books, through words, songs, activities like dance and theatre. These are all aspects of education that is unique to the Garden Academy; I haven’t come across another school providing education in such A manner. We at the Garden Academy are not just about learning in an immersive environment but to let children discover their own way of expression.” Nitya



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