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Emilie Spire

Noala Hub offers speech and language support for parents of children with communication disorders. It has been designed for parents wanting to know if their child needs speech and language support and additionally supports those children while waiting to access an in-person therapist, as often waiting times can often be very long. Noala is on a mission to make speech and language therapy mainstream. Leveraging their digital platform, they aim to reduce the friction usually associated with accessing speech and language therapy treatment. They believe that tele-therapy is an opportunity to increase accessibility.

Given the current increase in demand for such services, it is often the case, that families do not have access to a speech and language therapist immediately and find themselves on a waiting list. Noala Hub was designed to fill this gap, with insights from experienced speech and language professionals.


Noala’s in-house therapists will be able to assess your child online and monitor your child’s progress through a six week block session if needed. As a parent, you will be able to learn with your child, as well as being guided by the speech and language professionals.


Communication is key for one to thrive in life. Yet 8% of children have Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). It is estimated that on average 2 students in every class of 30 have DLD. Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) are unfortunately still under-diagnosed. And the recent pandemic has led to many more children having trouble communicating with others than ever before due to the lack of social interaction.


The pandemic resulted in speech and language professionals struggling to keep up with the demand for their services with more than three quarters of them reporting that the demand on their service had increased since before the pandemic, and over a quarter of these indicating that the demand had at least doubled.


Early intervention is a key solution to break the cycle of disadvantage in the early years of a child’s life. Early identification and intervention is supported both in terms of having the greatest impact, but also being the most cost-effective. Given that resolving language difficulties by age five can reduce associated literacy difficulties, the development to test and identify in the early years is encouraging. Noala’s clinically-reviewed programme includes coaching videos, digital exercises to practice at your own pace and the ability to securely message a therapist.


Noala also supports the speech and language therapist community so that they can save time to do more of what they love. Noala have created a simple yet effective platform for speech and language therapists. By leveraging digital tools in a creative and innovative way, they can foster an evolution in speech and language therapy.


Noala founder, Emilie Spire, was inspired by her niece who suffered from a stroke before she was born. This resulted in her dealing with aphasia affecting her communication as a baby. Her family was fortunate enough to access speech and language services for her and not only was the family amazed by the results, but the speech and language therapist completely changed her niece’s life.

What we like about them

  Special offer for the MumAbroad community. Please mention MumAbroad when you book your online assessment.
  This platform supports the speech & language therapist community holistically - the therapists themselves and the children who need support.

In their own words

We genuinely believe that communication is a basic human right. We’re humbled by the work done by the speech and language therapists community and proud to champion them so that, together, we can expand speech and language therapy accessibility.” Emilie, Founder and CEO at Noala

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