Olga Sasplugas – Neuroscience based Coach

November 20, 2018 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Spain, Women Catalonia, Women in Business

Having an eclectic, diverse, apparently scattered, trajectory is just a simple way of displaying what life is all about: Transformation, Change and Adaptation. The necessity of reinventing herself endlessly led Olga to Coaching. She uses her life experiences and life expertise to help others find their way, transform themselves in to what they want to be and enable them to design the life they want to live.  She applies neuroscience to coaching believing there is no real and sustainable change, if there isn’t a biological change in your brain. Her coaching sessions are oriented to understanding the biology of the brain and achieving this ultimate change: change your mental pattern to change the way you perceive your life, yourself, and the way you live. Whatever you want to change, pursue or attain, either in your personal or professional environment, Olga will accompany you through sessions based on: Solution Problem Solving, Design Thinking Strategies and The Importance of the Body in the Change Paradigm: How we can develop Resilience and Adaptation skills, as well as mindfulness way of living, through our body. She offers one to one sessions physically and/or virtually in English, French, Spanish and Catalan and works mainly with the expat community.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I was Olga’s coachee for 3-4 months. We had weekly personal meetings, but she was also always available by WhatsApp and e-mail if I needed something between sessions. I was working on my career transition, and the coaching sessions were not only key for my process, but they also made me re-evaluate several aspects of my life. It was a great push to start walking the path I decided I wanted to go.

    As a Coach, Olga was supportive, trusting and made me feel that she was there for me all the time. She was also assertive and professional, so nothing to do with a friend or somebody that will listen to you in a passive way. She was active and effective, in the same time that she was respecting my limits and my own decisions. I had lots of homework to do from session to session, and that helped me to achieve my goals, optimize the time between sessions and also process all the information and emotions we were working with.

    I would highly recommend Olga as a Coach not only for people who want to work on a career transition, but also for different personal and life changes that might be helpful and more pleasant to have the professional support of a woman who is funny, friendly, ethical, travels a lot and speaks perfect English. (Juliana)

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