Online Schooling

Online Schools have seen a huge rise in demand over the past few years, with a growing number of families moving to full time home schooling online.

After the challenges of the pandemic, and the rise in online schooling programmes around the world, there are many reasons why parents are increasingly choosing online schools. The leading international online schools maintain academic excellence through a high standard of teaching and a personalised approach. 

One of the key benefits of international online schools is of course access to uninterrupted education should your family move or travel regularly for work. Innovative technology and virtual classrooms mean your child can study from anywhere. Education across borders gives children and teenagers the opportunity to learn about a myriad of cultures while benefiting from excellent schooling.

The limitless possibilities of online education now also mean studying from home without missing out on a sense of community. The best online schools provide excellent opportunities to connect with other families. Through live virtual lessons and online after school clubs, pupils can engage with their peers online and find friends with common hobbies and interests.

Teenagers considering higher education abroad might wish to study for SATs or A Levels online, at an online secondary school that follows the American or British curriculum to help them prepare for university. Many institutions also now offer part time online schooling programmes that work in tandem with exam preparation in schools. 

Online Schooling can also be well suited to families looking for extra tuition in specialist subjects in English, like speech and drama, or creative writing which they may not have access to when living abroad. 

At MumAbroad, we have seen a greater demand for information about international online schools for expat families and can recommend a variety of world-class, discerning institutions within our network, such as Minerva’s Virtual Academy (MVA), an award-winning online school for 11-18 year olds built on personal mentoring and community.