Open Doors Saint Nom la Bretèche

November 5, 2018 | France, Paris, Paris education, Schools Paris

Open Doors Saint Nom la Bretèche is a small, friendly, family-orientated school community for 4 – 13 year olds.


The Open Doors school was founded in 1986. Experienced native English teachers teach pupils a curriculum that closely adheres to the English national curriculum.

Native-speaker literacy and writing skills are developed using a wide range of teaching methods and materials.

Students in the first two years of secondary school undertake a two-year programme to prepare them for University of Cambridge assessment exams at Key Stage 3.


School fees range from 775 to 1,175 depending on the year of study. An overview of additional costs and school fees can be viewed here.


A child applying for Open Doors is tested by the teaching team before a place is offered. The admissions process can be started by filling out an online How To Reach Us form at the bottom of the school’s website.

Once a child has been assessed, parents are asked to fill out an Registration form, which can also be found online.


Open Doors Saint Nom la Bretèche located in Saint Nom la Bretèche, a small town in les Yvelines located about 30km to the west of Paris in the green and leafy suburbs between Versailles and Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

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Camilla Burg

Contact Details:
Maternelle Classes: Espace Culturel Jacques Kosciusko-Morizet, Place Henri Hamel, 78860 St Nom la Breteche
Primary & Class 6: Maison des Associations, 9, Route de St Germain, 78860 St Nom la Breteche

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