Opening a New Little Frogs Daycare Franchise in France

March 18, 2024 | Blog, Education

Little Frogs is a unique bilingual daycare concept, combining native English and French speaking staff to immerse young children in both languages from an early age.

The first Little Frogs Bilingual Daycare was founded in 2011 by Johan and Gaëtan, a pair of childhood friends in Paris. A decade later the duo decided to expand Little Frogs as a franchise model, helping other individuals and companies to open their own bilingual daycares in France.

We spoke with entrepreneur and new franchisee Alban Prochasson on his upcoming project to open his first bilingual creche, Little Frogs Sierentz in the Alsace region of France. Set to open in April 2024, it will also be the first Little Frogs daycare outside the Paris area. 

Little Frogs Sierentz – A New Bilingual Daycare in Alsace

Tell us more about Little Frogs Sierentz  – what will the space be like? How many places will you offer and for what ages? 

Little Frogs Sierentz will be located in Sierentz, a little Alsatian town between Mulhouse (France) and Basel (Switzerland).

The daycare facilities will have around 120m2 of indoor space and 100m2 outside. The space will have two bedrooms, a changing room and two main living rooms. The first dedicated to play and motor skills and the second for meals and quiet activities. There will also be a kitchen, an office and a dedicated staff room.  Outside will also have two distinct zones; a playground and a grassy area for activities around nature.

We are aiming for an accreditation for 12 places per day for children from 10 weeks up to 3 years old.


Little Frogs Sierentz 


What first attracted you to set up a daycare with Little Frogs?

My business associate Thomas and I really loved the Little Frogs concept and team when we met them at the Franchise Exhibition in Paris in March 2022. We liked the fact that this was a new and small-sized franchise network with a differentiating concept, striving for child development.

What is your own background? Have you worked with daycares before?

After getting an Electrical Engineering degree, I pursued a specialised Masters degree in International Purchasing. For around 10 years I worked in the Jet Aviation Procurement department with a company specialised in private aviation business. I had never worked in daycares before embarking on this project.

Can you talk us through the process of setting up a franchise and how you’ve found the experience?

This has been a completely new journey into the unknown. First we created our own company, with all the administrative tasks that entails in France. Then we signed a franchise contract with Little Frogs. After this the adventure continued with the search for our premises, finding an architect, and the construction work inside. 

In parallel we also prepared all of the documentation needed by the French Department of Childhood. We have also started the recruitment process in order to have our team ready ahead of the official opening.

I would recommend the experience of opening a franchise with Little Frogs to anyone looking for entrepreneurship in the childhood sector. 

How was the administration process? Did you receive support from the Little Frogs team?

The administration process was quite challenging throughout the process but in the end it was smooth thanks to continuous support from the Little Frogs team.


Little Frogs team


How did you find the perfect space for the creche?

We didn’t have a final space when we started the process. Initially we had a quite large geographical area in mind (from Mulhouse to St Louis) but no one specific location. After reaching out to most of (if not all) the real estate agencies in the area, a friend put us in touch with a private promotor who was building new professional premises in Sierentz. So the journey continued.

Were there any unexpected challenges?

I think that generally speaking entrepreneurship means daily challenges, both expected and unexpected. If I had to pick one unexpected challenge, it would be finding bilingual (French/English) staff with the necessary childhood sector diplomas, as we are based in a geographical region with a more German speaking culture. 

What are the benefits of running your own business?

Freedom. But it does not come without responsibility and risks. It is also a gratifying opportunity to create something from scratch and see it grow. Last but not least this is a never ending learning journey, being involved in all different topics and steps.

In your opinion, what makes Little Frogs stand out among bilingual creches in France?

The Little Frogs concept is quite different and unique, with the objective of having a mix of French-speaking and English-speaking employees using their own mother tongues in order for the children to hear both languages spoken around them as much as possible.


bilingual creches in France


What is your favourite thing about what you do?

The ultimate purpose of the project: creating and maintaining a secure and warm environment to welcome young children and contribute to their development. Attending creche is a major event in their young life: their first socialisation experience outside of the home.

What is a typical day like at Little Frogs?

At this specific stage of the project I would say there is no typical day. Every day is different and full of unexpected surprises and changes. Once the daycare opens, our typical days will look different with a more specific routine.

How can parents secure a place for their child? What is the admission process at Little Frogs Sierentz?

Our daycare is open to all families, whether they are French or English speakers. The first step for parents to secure a place is to make an official request on our website. This gives us their basic information such as preferred starting date, number of days per week they would like their child to attend, which days etc.

Then we reach out to the family for a preliminary discussion. Afterwards if the family would like to register their child, they then provide more detailed information and documents and sign our contract and internal regulations.

How would you describe the lifestyle for families in Alsace?

I would say that generally speaking this is a wonderful region with strong roots and culture. People and families like gathering together, going out to local events and maintaining traditions.

For more information about how to register their little one, prospective parents can contact Little Frogs Sierentz here.

Read more about the process of starting a Little Frogs franchise or make an enquiry about the possibility of opening your own daycare.

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