Ospedale Santa Maria della Stella, Orvieto

December 14, 2017 | Italy, Maternity Services, Tuscany & Umbria

This is the only hospital in Orvieto, so it is the only choice for women who want to give birth in or near the city. Options are for natural delivery or cesarean if recommended by your physician. Husbands/partners can be present for natural delivery but not during C-section births. They can stay overnight the first night after delivery, but that means sleeping in a hard chair. For natural delivery, a 2-night stay is obligatory; for C-section, 4 nights including the night before delivery.

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Elizabeth Heath

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Localita Ciconia, Oriveto 05018 / +39 0763 3071 (24 hours) / www.uslumbria2.it

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Facilities are spartan but the care is high quality and attentive in the OB ward. (Elizabeth Heath)

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