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October 15, 2023 | Blog, Wellbeing

English speaking Osteopath Katy McConkey on how Osteopathy can improve health and wellbeing through pregnancy and beyond, for mothers and their little ones. Founder of Osteopatía del Mar in Barcelona, Katy has lived in Spain for over 30 years. She is deeply passionate about her work, seeing her clients improve through their sessions together. Here she shares with Mumabroad.com how Osteopathy can benefit mothers pre and post-partum, and also help their young children.

How osteopathy can help pregnancy, postpartum, babies and beyond


Some of the most regular people I treat at Osteopath del Mar are babies and their mothers. Whether it’s a pregnant woman, newborn, baby or toddler, they all have different needs and require different treatments…but just how does osteopathy help create a healthier and more comfortable time for all ages?

Assessing Individual Needs

The first and most important step is to assess whether the mother or child can be or should be treated by an osteopath. I need to rule out any medical emergencies that would be better treated by a general practitioner, midwife or other medical professional. I find this out by asking questions and learning more about any physical issue. The whens, wheres and information about any previous histories. I then, if needed, perform some gentle muscle or nerve testing.


Osteopathy for Pregnancy Barcelona


Mothers can experience acute and chronic hip pain caused by changes in their gait due to pregnancy.

Postpartum mothers can experience sore wrists from the demands of carrying a newborn.

Pain in your lower back while pushing a stroller 

Babies and parents can suffer from poor sleeping patterns, reflux or cranial tension.

All these examples need personalised, flexible treatment plans. But all can be helped with osteopathy!   

Consistent results through personalised treatments 

Because issues are highly individualised, some discomforts can be fixed after just one session, while others may require follow-up visits or ongoing care until complete comfort is achieved, but the beauty of osteopathy is in its adaptability to the unique needs of each person.


Osteopathy for babies Barcelona

After the pain, comes the relief

Whether it’s persistent aches or minor discomfort during specific movements, the absence of pain can be truly transformative. It is always great to see the relief on my patient’s faces after they have been treated. This not only comes from feeling better physically but also down to the fact they’ve been listened to and having their needs addressed. Quite often there are worries fuelled by Dr. Google which can be simply answered.

“I left feeling much happier after each session!” – CG (37) Postnatal patient

“I highly recommend Katy, whose knowledge and passion for her subject is unmatched by any other health therapist I have come across.” – CF

I saw her a few weeks ago for an extreme headache and neck pain and in just 2 or 3 sessions, my pain has gone and things feel much better.” – PJ

Testimonials speak volumes 

If you’re still unsure about the ways that osteopathy could help you or your baby, I encourage you to explore my testimonials page. Here, you can read first-hand accounts of the positive impact osteopathic care has had on many individuals.

In a nutshell

Because of its holistic approach to healthcare, whether you’re pregnant, a new mother or have a child that needs help, osteopathy can offer you personalised relief and well-being. Every pregnancy, baby and mother are beautifully different, and they all deserve treatments to match.  Feel free to call me for a chat or to book straight in.

Find out more about Katy’s work at Osteopatia del Mar.

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