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February 14, 2019 | Barcelona & Sant Cugat, Catalonia, Healthcare, Spain

Katy McConkey is an English speaking Osteopath and runs Osteopatía de Mar, in Barcelona.  She’s been living in, and around, Barcelona for over 30 years and working as an osteopath for 13. Having originally received an Honours degree in Human Sciences at Sussex University, she then studied Osteopathy in FEOB, St. Just, Barcelona, and the European School of Osteopathy, UK, as well as three years of Cranial Osteopathy with Jordí Salò in Girona.

Katy finds her role extremely satisfying because it is very rewarding seeing the positive change it brings to the people who come into the clinic and the health benefits that come with release from pain and tension and the resulting relaxed, easier, movement.

She really wants Osteopathy to have more visibility out in the wider world and to dispel the incorrect myths that it only treats backs or worse still, as some people mistakenly think, is “for bones”. She wants everyone to help in dismissing these notions and educating people about Osteopathy, particularly in order to help older people, to understand the broad scope of health it covers, its understanding of how each part of the body relates to the others and the processes that lead to ill health and how these can be unravelled and get people back to a pain-free life and that the treatments are gentle and relaxing, give the patient time to discuss the problem and feel uplifted that progress has been made.

When not giving treatments she’s involved in osteopathic research in insomnia writing articles and keeping abreast of new innovations in understanding health and integrative health models. Once the diagnosis is made, the treatment approach can involve soft tissue techniques, massage, gentle manipulations, lymphatic drainage, cranial and visceral techniques, as well as giving postural tips and stretches and teaching breathing exercises.

Treatment and treatment plans (given in English, Spanish, Catalan and French) are tailored to each individual’s needs, and objectives and results are set out, these can be maintenance type visits every month or six weeks, one-off treatments for emergency cases, or periodic treatments over a few months to correct postural issues or completely resolve chronic issues.

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    I came to see Katy with some postnatal problems. She Looked at my entire body, spotted and solved the actual, underlying problem and gave me only the required number of sessions (2) and some exercises I could do at home, rather than signing up for a programme I did not need. Interestingly, I left feeling much happier after each session, Which was a great added bonus! (CG)

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