Parenting Coach Denise Suarez

February 18, 2021 | Therapists & Coaches Spain
Parenting Coach Denise Suarez

Con Cariño

Denise is a parenting coach and founder of Con Cariño, who helps intercultural families appreciate their differences and thrive. Originally from the Philippines, Denise now lives with her husband and two children in Madrid, Spain. She knows first-hand how difficult it can be for parents to raise children in a culture different from our own. Denise offers 1:1 sessions where she guides parents in laying the groundwork of their parenting foundation by clearly defining their family values and long-term goals and finding solutions that work for the whole family.

She then supports them in aligning their decisions and actions with that foundation through mindset shifts and effective communication strategies. Through these sessions, parents break the pattern of parenting by default and start parenting consciously. This hands-on course provides you with different tools to improve your communication with children.


Over twelve sessions, we’ll look at how to reduce these moments of anger and frustration, as well as what you can do when they happen. We will take your family values and long-term goals and see how to apply them to your everyday interactions. I will also teach you the communication skills you need to have the relationship you want. Through mindset shifts and powerful questions, you will become aware of what’s keeping you from being the parent you want to be and gain the confidence and ability you need to make it happen.

What we like about them

  Free initial consultation
  Being part of an intercultural family herself, Denise brings first hand experience to her coaching.
  Face-to-face and online coaching.
  Giving parents the confidence to trust in themselves and enjoy parenting.
  Learn effective communication skills to parent intentionally.

In their own words

When my daughter was born and she was placed in my arms, one of the first thoughts that came to me was, “What do I do now?!” Luckily, I have a clear idea of the type of parent that I want to be. While I still have my doubts (because what parent doesn’t?), I know deep down that what I’m doing is aligned with what I want for myself, for my children and for our relationship. As a parenting coach, I help you do the same. I guide you into finding the confidence within you to be the parent you want to be.” Denise Suarez



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