Peek A Boo is a space dedicated to families in the heart of Barcelona.

Peek A Boo can be rented out for family parties and offers plenty of space to celebrate an original birthday party or any other special celebration for all your family and friends to enjoy. You can use all of Peek A Boo or if you prefer just one of the smaller rooms with access to the terrace garden. You don’t have to worry about anything but inviting your guests.

They take care of all the rest: breakfast or lunch, the birthday cake and creative activities for the children. The play spaces are open to the public for limited hours Tuesday through to Sunday. Parents can sit comfortably int he cafeteria while enjoying a great selection of drinks and snacks.

An international nursery and daycare in Barcelona

Peek a Boo is also an international nursery and daycare for children from 1 to 3 years old. The centre offers a bilingual culture, small groups, flexible timings, an innovative educational programme and beautifully designed interiors. The primary focus is to enable the child’s emotional intelligence and develop its multiple talents through music, dance, arts and crafts projects. Everything is taught with care and love, this being an important aspect of their philosophy.

They also offer nanny, babysitting and tutoring services and have a members-only Family Club.

“Peek A Boo was born out of the desire and hope to create a unique space in Barcelona for parents and their children to visit and share new experiences and where the stimulation of creativity is the priority. In Peek A Boo we offer you a fantastic selection of healthy, delicious food; an arts corner that is always available to stimulate creativity; a stimulating playground; a babysitter for the youngest children; a library with a carefully selected collection of books for all ages; a terrace garden to experience nature.” – Peek a Boo

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Jane Mitchell

Contact Details:

C/ Santaló 128-130
C/ Margenat 64
+34 934 613 045

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  1. marya says:

    My 3 children, aged 9, 6 and 3 (at the time) went to Peek a Boo for a Christmas party. About 40 children attended so we had the whole place just for us. Despite the large age range (from 2-10 years) the staff were able to keep all of the children entertained for 3 hours. From the moment you walked in the door the staff took over and the parents were able to relax in the cafe area. Highly recommended. (Jane Mitchell)

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