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March 16, 2018 | Germany, Hamburg, Hamburg education, Schools Hamburg

Phorms Hamburg is a bilingual school (German/ English) for pupils aged 3-18 and teaching German curriculum with Cambridge International exams.


The bilingual Phorms Hamburg comprises a day care centre with preschool, a primary school and a secondary school. From the beginning they educate children in both German and English; each language has equal value and the children are taught using the immersion method by educators who are native speakers. The teaching programme of the primary school  is based on the Hamburg curriculum, which they are required to follow as a state-approved private school. This curriculum is supplemented with content and teaching methods from the Cambridge International Primary Programme. The secondary school was founded in 2011 and continues to grow by one year group every 12 months. After nursery and primary school, it is the final stop on the Hamburg campus for those wishing to go on to take the ‘Abitur’ school-leaving examination. The teaching programme is based on the Hamburg curriculum for secondary schools with eight year groups, and on the Cambridge Secondary 1/2 Frameworks.


Tuition fees are set at a maximum of €200 per month, and can be reduced depending on a family’s income. For more information click here.


The school is located close to the heart of Hamburg, and is under 10 minutes from the city centre by car.

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Contact Details:

Wendenstr. 35-43, 20097 Hamburg / +49 40 325370-50 / /

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