Planet Ocean Montpellier

October 14, 2018 | Activities, France, Montpellier

The Mare Nostrum Aquarium and the Galileo Planetarium merged to become Planet Ocean Montpellier. Here you will find a fun and immersive exploration from the seabed to the edge of the universe. There are 24 pools housing nearly 400 different animal species. Each space has been designed so that everyone, from the smallest to the largest, can find an interest. On the program: sharks of various species, rays of all kinds, ballet of jellyfish and feeding of the colony of the penguins. There’s also a storm simulator, a touch pool allowing you to stroke the sting rays that love to be scratched on the belly, and a surprising virtual encounter with the sea lions.

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Wendy Johnson

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Great for children of all ages. Take a trip on a fishing boat (waves cracking against the windscreen, the boat moving up and down). Visit the penguins and touch an iceberg!. Stand right next to a huge tank of sharks (the sharks swim over your head!) There are even shallow tanks you can reach into and touch the starfish. Recommended for too hot days (and rare rainy days) and actually really educational. (Wendy Johnson)

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