Pony Waldschänke

January 17, 2018 | Germany, Hamburg

The Pony Waldschänke is one of the most attractive and unusual recreation areas in and around Hamburg. Situated in the idyllic Klövensteen, the restaurant offers a cozy atmosphere with home made food. Born out of a small hunting lodge in the 1930s, the restaurant seats 220 people indoors and 300 outdoors and offers traditional German food and drinks.

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Kasia Bala

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Babenwischenweg 28, 22559 Rissen / +49 (0)40 812353 / www.pony-waldschaenke.de

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Fantastic location for nature loving families as it is situated right in the middle of the Klovensteen forest which is a favourite for hikers and horseriders (30 km of riding trails). When we go we rent a pony for half an hour and take a trek through the woods, which the kids just love. You also get to pet the ponies and groom them. The food at the restaurant is quite OK and the service is generally good. They have drawing pads for the kids as well as a playground next door. (Kasia Bala)

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