Positive Birth Movement München

January 18, 2018 | Germany, Maternity Services, Munich

This group is a non profit group aimed for future parents who wish to have a positive birth experience in Munich. Their aim is to support each other, meet and discuss about birth. They welcome everyone to attend the group meetings, no matter what their beliefs might be, but their goal is to generate positive birth ideas. They meet once a month in Munich and many times have guests present to speak about their field of expertise: doulas, midwives, therapists, yoga teachers, baby wearing consultants.  The Positive Birth Movement was founded in 2012 by Milli Hill, a mother of three small children from the U.K. Milli thought that many women do NOT have positive births and that by sharing information, women might empower each other, thus facilitate change. There is now a network of 176 groups worldwide.

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