Private Hospital Natecia

October 15, 2018 | France, Healthcare, Lyon

With just 78 beds, this small, friendly private maternity hospital offers a plethora of additional services to make new parents and their families comfortable and at ease. Childbirth preparation sessions are provided by the institution’s midwives and a birth plan is discussed with the attending physician. If it is feasible, and validated by the medical team, everything will be done to implement it. For scheduled caesareans, the spouse is able to remain in the room to maintain contact with the mother and child. Skin to skin is encouraged in both the classic delivery room but also in cesarean sections. The maternity unit has a multi-sensory “Snoezelen” room, featuring a heated and vibrating water mattress, cushions, different sets of lights, bubble columns, aromatherapy, bath and more. All the birth and cesarean rooms are also equipped with equipment to implement Snoezelen techniques. The establishment has set up different levels of services: classic rooms, rooms with a companion, premium rooms with a double bed to accommodate the couple and several beautiful, hotel-like rooms, allowing parents to receive their visitors in a lounge area with high-end meals also.

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