Rebecca Brierley – Envol, Parenting and Education Consultant

October 2, 2023 |
Parenting and education consultant

Parent Support and Education Consultant using Positive Discipline and the Montessori method

Rebecca Brierly is a parenting and education consultant and  founder of ENVOL, based in France. She works with parents who live abroad, to equip them with tools to raise their children using Positive Discipline techniques. A qualified Montessori and Positive Discipline parent and early childhood educator, she has worked with hundreds of families since 2008.

Rebecca grew up in the North of England and was very privileged to have a family who loved travel. She discovered France, Spain and Portugal from a very young age, and absolutely loved her time there.

After completing a degree in literature, Rebecca decided she wanted to spend some time living abroad. Initially, she moved to Spain for several months, working on an organic farm; partially doing farm labour and partially looking after adorable twins.

Whilst there, she had the opportunity to move to Paris and snapped it up! It wasn’t long before she found herself a job teaching English to young children. 

Not entirely satisfied teaching English as a second language, she searched around for something more meaningful to her. Through this research, Rebecca discovered Montessori schools, got a job as an assistant teacher, and loved it so much that she decided to undertake teacher training. Never content with having just one string to her bow, she also started learning about Positive Discipline and applying it to her practice with young children. Rebecca loved her job and felt really positive and satisfied about the impact she was having on the world. 

It was during the pandemic that I really noticed for the first time just how much my knowledge of how to raise confident, empathetic, respectful and kind little people was something parents were really actively searching for. During the zoom conferences with the parents of the children in my class they weren’t asking me ‘how can I teach my child the abcs?” “how can I help them improve their handwriting?” They WERE asking me “how can I help my child handle their big emotions? “How can I get them to be more independent?” “how can I get them to listen to me?” and “why does he do that?!?” – Rebecca

It was after this experience that she decided to take formal training in Positive Discipline, to be able to work directly with parents, helping them answer these questions, and many, many more about their children. Subsequently Rebecca has welcomed her own little girl into the family, and has started working full time offering conferences, workshops and one on one coaching to families seeking respectful, encouraging, kind and firm ways to raise their children. 

Rebecca lives in the Parisian suburbs with her French partner, their adorable little girl, and two yappy dogs. In her free time she likes to read, take long walks, swim and practice yoga and karaté. 

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What we like about them

  Rebecca's empathetic approach supports parents to develop Positive Discipline, using kindness and firmness at the same time.
  A research based approach to parenting, using neuroscience and psychology to understand the different stages of development.
  Positive Discipline provides a toolkit of over 50 different strategies for parents to use.

In their own words

From years of training, studying and working with children, I have an excellent insight into what works when faced with the big task of raising them. Along with my empathy and listening skills, this enables me to provide you with the perfect strategies to support you to raise your children the way you want to and become the parent you dream of being. – Rebecca Brierley


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