Registered Midwife, Mallorca

July 6, 2017 | Balearics, Maternity Services, Spain

Barbora Sollerova is a fully-qualified registered midwife providing flexible care to women alongside the services provided by the Spanish healthcare services and Private Hospitals. She provides a wide range of services including one-to-one midwifery support throughout the pregnancy, labour and postnatally. Barbora offers antenatal and postnatal education and preparation for birth, health checks including check of your baby, nutrition and meal planning, breast feeding support and maternity nursing services. She also runs parenting classes and supports women to celebrate their pregnancy and birth of their baby. Barbora attends to women all over the island of Mallorca and her visits are unhurried and in the comfort of your own home.

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‘Proud & Happy Parents’

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2 responses to “Registered Midwife, Mallorca”

  1. MumAbroad says:

    I have to thank to Barbora for her support and abilities in helping us through a natural breech delivery. We could not have done it without her help and encouragement for which we are very thankful. Thanks again, you do a fantastic job every day. (Proud & Happy Parents)

  2. MumAbroad says:

    My girlfriend gave birth in February 2017 to our son. Barbora was our midwife and we are incredibly grateful how wonderful she was on the day our son was born. She was an absolute hero and made what could have been quite a traumatic experience (we needed forceps and my girlfriend lost a lot of blood) the best day of our lives. We will be always immeasurably thankful. (T, H & S)

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