Relais Sesame Autisme en Pays Foyen

October 14, 2018 | Bordeaux, Bordeaux education, Education Listings, France

An association set up to listen, to welcome people with disabilities as a result of early autism or related pervasive developmental disorders (including childhood psychoses) and their families, to study their needs, to represent and defend their interests and look for any solution that can help them with their education.


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Sue Fellingham

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6 rue de la Dordogne, 24680 Gardonne / +33 5 53 27 07 51

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    This is a safe place for a child or young adult on the autistic spectrum to receive therapies relevant to their condition. My son attends 2 mornings a week to compliment his schooling in mainstream school. They are a professional team providing psychologue, ergotherapeute, psychomotricienne and educateur specialise. Great care is taken to provide an individual programme for each child/young adult. During the holidays activities can be afternoon randos, bowling, animal parks, swimming and a long weekend away or a music/drama tour. The staff are a fantastic support to the child all year and also understand and support the family. They have liaised closely with the school to help them teach my very brilliant but challenging 8 year old boy. He attends the Notre Dame in Eymet which is a private bi-lingual school. They accepted him 2 years ago and arranged for an Education Sector professional to discuss how to progress and we all agreed to make a Demand for our son. The Demand was accepted and he is entitled to an AVS (an aide within the school to meet and greet, attend class and assist my son through the day). This is when we made a Demand for access to Le Relais also and this was accepted also. This all took time but was worth it in the end. (Sue Fellingham)

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