Relocation Services

What are relocation services?

Relocation services used to mean the relocation of an employee to another office or department – whether domestic or international – and were provided by a corporate HR team.

Traditionally, employees and their families who required relocation services were in the diplomatic service, the military, missionary services and multinational corporations. These international pioneers required the services of other globally mobile individuals, like international education providers, tax and legal experts, estate agents, international removal companies, catering business and more.

Today with the advent of globalisation, remote working and digital nomadism more people than ever are moving domestically or moving abroad.

Today, relocation services have expanded to meet an ever-growing demand, and more often that not even large corporations will outsource the logistics to a specialised relocation business.


What does a relocation business provide?

Relocation services cover everything you need when moving to a new location.

The list of services a relocation company may provide include:


  • Finding a property for you or your family
  • Finding temporary accommodation during a property search or recce
  • Transportation of belongings and/ or furniture by freight, road or air (international removals)
  • Securing insurance in case items are lost during a move
  • Set up of utility services in a new property/ rentals
  • Processing of visas, immigration documents and residence permits
  • Processing of immigration documents for your family
  • Finding a school for your children
  • Tenancy services during your time abroad
  • Tax advice and planning
  • Integration services, such as language tuition
  • Finding a new job or new business leads
  • Pre-arrival or orientation trip to cover the landmarks, customs and neighbourhoods of a chosen location
  • Departure services once it’s time to return home


How much do relocation services cost?

The cost of a relocation service depends entirely on the location and the services required.

Most relocation service providers will offer a series of packages to help you identify which suits your needs – either that, or you can ask for a quote tailored to your requirements.

According to Shyft Moving, a large corporation will typically spend $2,000 (€1,950) to $100,000 (€98,000) when moving an employee across countries. The cost is around $23,000 when the employee is a renter and around $70,000 (€68,700) when the employee is a homeowner.

If you’re moving overseas, bear in mind you will pay significantly more to send belongings by air than by sea.

The cost of shipping a 1-bedroom flat  would be the following from the UK to the following European destinations:


  • Spain – sea freight (€1,700-€1,850) air freight (€3,200-€3,500)
  • France – sea freight (€975-€1,075) air freight (€1,850-€2,050)
  • Italy – sea freight (€1,500-€1,650) air freight (€2,850-€3,150)
  • Germany – sea freight (€1,600-€1,750) air freight (€3,050-€3,350)


What relocation services can I find on MumAbroad?

Are you moving to Europe?

The MumAbroad will be a website to bookmark and refer to throughout your moving journey.

MumAbroad was founded in 2007 as a resource for expat mums who struggled without the support of their extended family.

By 2014, the network had grown to include information on child-related services, schools, family activities, shops, family holidays and restaurants across Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Here’s what you’ll find on our relocations pages:


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