Relocation Services in Italy

Moving country is a big deal, and many times relocation services can help ease the stress. As top expat councillor in Milan Karen Rigatti told MumAbroad, moving country can plunge even hard-working and high-functioning people into emotional overwhelm. Relocation services in Italy can help with everything from finding a house, to finding a school, teaching you Italian, helping obtain residency status, set up a business, give tax advice and manage all the necessary paperwork involved in moving countries.


What does a relocation company do?

Relocation services cover every aspect of moving to Italy. Often the process begins before you even make your international move. For example, a relocation company might offer an orientation service to get you acquainted with a new city before making a permanent move. They can inform you of top neighbourhoods as well as the best international schools in your chosen region of Italy.


But relocation services don’t stop there. MumAbroad spoke to both Kathy Moulton of Kalila Community in Milan and Kiersten Pilar Miller, founder of The Milk Bar and Bellies Abroad, based in Rome. Both these communities help young families or those expecting to give birth in Italy navigate the Italian healthcare system and find support. Relocation services can also help by acting as translators and guides, as well as everything from finding notaries, to real estate agents, lawyers, tax specialists, accountants and interpreters.


Other relocation companies can provide support for established or new expats living in Italy with legal support, searching for and buying a property, finding nannies or paediatricians, starting a business, filing tax returns, obtaining state or private healthcare, switching schools or finding specialised support for your child in Italy.


Finally, many relocation companies offer language lessons or cultural courses to prepare you for rapid integration. Moving to a new country like Italy can be an issue if you don’t speak Italian or don’t understand how things are done. These problems can be exacerbated in rural areas far from Italy’s expat-friendly city of Milan, such as part of Rome, Tuscany & Umbria and Emilia-Romagna.


For a list of the main cultural differences you may encounter in Italy, visit our MumAbroad Ultimate Guide to Moving to Italy.


How much do relocation services cost?

Relocation services are commonly more affordable than you imagine. As relocation experts can provide highly-tailored packages, knowing your needs and concerns can focus the job at hand and reduce overall costs. While you may be confident you can handle all the relocation troubles involved in Moving to Italy yourself, sometimes handing over to the experts can be the most efficient and ultimately economical thing to do.


Where should I look for a house in Italy?

Gate Away is a useful English language property portal with detailed information for renting or buying property in Italy. Although more expensive (agency fees are usually split between the landlord and the tenant), the support of an experienced rental agency used to dealing with international clients can be valuable, particularly for those who do not speak fluent Italian.


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