Relocation Services in Spain

Moving country is a big deal, and there exist a number of relocation services in Spain to ease the stress.. As top expat councillor Karen Rigatti told MumAbroad, moving country can plunge even hard-working and high-functioning people into emotional overwhelm. Relocation services in Spain can help with everything from finding a house, to finding a school, teaching you Spanish, helping obtain residency status, set up a business, give tax advice and manage all the necessary paperwork involved in moving countries.


What does a relocation company do?

Relocation services cover every aspect of moving to Spain. The process can begin before you even make your international move. As top relocations expert Kat Lovell told us, her company Barcelona Lifestyle Solutions offers a pre-arrival package where Kat will personally drive you all around Barcelona to get a feel for the city and fall in love with your future neighbourhood. Find out more how Barcelona Lifestyle Solutions can cover all your bureaucratic necessities, as well as finding a home, finding a school and even leaving the country for another international assignment.


But relocation services don’t stop there. Top relocations expert Laurence Lemoine is a former journalist who set up Valencia Expat Services to gift her vast knowledge of Valencia to newcomers. Aside from acting as a translator and guide, Laurence’s top team help with everything from finding notaries, real estate agents, lawyers, tax specialists, accountants and interpreters. Find out more abut how Valencia Expat Services can also help you move to Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, Benicassim, Javea or Marbella. Watch our interview with Laurence Lemoine about why more and more expats are choosing Valencia.


Then there’s Encantada World, who help everyone from newcomers to already established expats living on Spain’s Costa Blanca and in Valencia. Encantada World offer four main packages: orientation; legal support; property searches; and family solutions such as finding schools, nannies and paediatricians.


Finally, many relocation companies offer language lessons or cultural courses to prepare you for rapid integration. Moving to a new country like Spain, which has the worst levels of English among European countries, could be problematic especially where bureaucracy and negotiations are involved. Cultural differences could also be a hurdle if planning to start a family, register your children at a state school or join a Spanish workplace. Take a look at some of our featured businesses who operate in Spain such as Vamos!, Spanish Comes Easy and Spanish & Lessons. 

Visit our guide to moving to Spain for more information about Spanish culture and English proficiency.


How much do relocation services cost?

Relocation services can be much more affordable than you imagine. As many relocation experts provide highly-tailored packages, knowing your exact needs and concerns can help both focus the job at hand and reduce overall costs. While you may be thinking you can handle all the relocation troubles involved in Moving to Spain yourself, sometimes handing over to the experts can be the most efficient and ultimately economical thing to do.


Where should I look for a house in Spain?

Foreigners looking to buy property in Spain should ensure they seek independent translation of any Spanish documents and if possible seek out a real estate agency used to working with international clients. The British Embassy in Spain has created a useful list of English speaking lawyers and translators also. Some useful online property portals include Idealista and Servihabitat as well as Comprarcasa,  fotocasa and  (both are only available in Spanish). If you are in need of a temporary housing solution, online booking platform Homelike offers furnished apartments, with a minimum rental period of just 1 month.


More Information

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