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April 19, 2018 | Madrid, Madrid education, Schools Madrid, Spain

Runnymede College, founded in 1967,  is a co-educational British school in Spain teaching the English national curriculum to pupils aged 3 – 18. The school regards its task as being to provide its pupils an academically excellent, all-round liberal humanistic education and the necessary basis to succeed in the adult world, and above all, to help them to acquire a moral sense as members of the international, world-wide community.


Runnymede College prepares pupils from ages 3 to obtain iGCSE qualifications at age 16 and A Levels at age 18.

The school has a strong academic record with 5 graduates from the 2020-21 academic years receiving offers to Oxford and Cambridge universities in the United Kingdom. A total of 79% of students achieved A* – A grades at iGCSE level and 70% at A Level from the 2020-21 academic year.

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Fees & Admissions

Runnymede College is a selective entry school. The admissions process is designed to ensure pupils joining the school will be able to cope with the British curriculum and enjoy their learning experience at Runnymede. To attain a place at Sixth Form are expected to have a minimum of eight A or A* at IGCSE. Candidates will also be invited to a personal interview with the Headmaster and Heads of Sixth Form. To attain a place prior to iGCSEs, pupils child will have to pass an interview in English and written tests in both English and Maths. For more information and to start the admissions process click here.

School fees start at €3,000 annually for primary school pupils rising to €5,500 in sixth form. See more services and fees here.

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Contact Details:

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