Sabrina Ridaura – BodyGlow Fitness & Nutrition

Since moving to Barcelona, Sabrina has set up BodyGlow Fitness and Nutrition in a format that can reach more people. Her encompassing approach to fitness and nutrition fits any busy mum. If you are in Barcelona Area, Castelldefels or Gava you can contact her to set up a private fitness or fitness & nutrition coaching package to fit your schedule. Sabrina will either meet you up at your home or you can go to a private space in Barcelona where she will coach you through mobility, functional exercises and stretching plus give you all advise necessary and coaching to improve your eating habits and your family’s habits.  On the other hand, if you are not in Barcelona, you can also start feeling stronger and more confident downloading the BodyGlow app; an online platform where you will have schedules workouts sent out to your email. After a thorough assessment over a Skype call or video call and an online questionnaire,  she will sett up an online bespoke program that can include a transformation program with a monthly live training session and video conferences  to coach you in nutrition habits and exercise technique. If you are only interested in workouts, you can also find this on the mobile app.

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