English Kinder Barcelona is a private international kindergarden that offers nursery education, including strong English language tuition between ages 1-5.


The school incorporates trilingual teaching for children from the start of the nursery journey, with 90% of classes in English, 5% in Catalan and 5% in Castellano Spanish. French becomes an option when children reach the age of 3 years. Children can pursue their education at the Santa Clara International College, also in Barcelona.

The school believes that languages have different frequencies – for example Spanish uses 300Hz, English uses 1200Hz – and the early learning of languages can help students develop more brain connections.

The nursery has a number of programmes, such as an Early Reading Programme, Super Spelling Programme, Emotional Programme and Hands On Music Programme, which can be viewed on the nursery’s website (in English).


English Kinder Barcelona is based in the Sarrià district of Barcelona, and is a 20 minute drive from the city centre.


Contact can be made by calling the school or filling out an email form online.

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Contact Details:

C/ Margenat 64, Torre 08017 Barcelona / +34 934 173 677 / www.englishkinderbarcelona.com

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