Santa Clara International School, Barcelona

February 20, 2018 | Catalonia, Schools Catalonia

Santa Clara International School in Barcelona teaches the Catalan regional curriculum prioritising tuition in English for an international student body ages 3 – 18.


The school follows the Catalan regional curriculum, which is based on the Spanish national curriculum but with an extra focus on the regional language of Catalan.

At secondary school (ESO) 50% of classes are taught in English, with the rest in Catalan, unless students are proficient in Castellano Spanish.

For ages 16-18, the school teaches the Catalan Batxillerat, with a focus on multilingualism that splits tuition with 33% in English, 33% in Castellano Spanish and 33% in Catalan. Students have the opportunity to choose a technical-scientist, social, or a humanistic Batxillerat. Find out more here.

Throughout school life, emphasis is placed on sports, music and fine arts.

It has a nursery onsite, the Santa Clara English Kinder Barcelona.


Santa Clara International School is based in the Sarrià district of Barcelona, and is a 20 minute drive from the city centre.

Fees & Admissions

The admissions process can be started by sending an online enquiry to the school, after which the school asks for a number of documents, including academic reports from a previous year, identity documentation and more, all of which can be seen on the school’s website.

The school does not make its fees public.

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Contact Details:

C/Pomaret, 17-19, 08017 Barcelona / +34 93 212 35 93 /

1 response to “Santa Clara International School, Barcelona”

  1. Joaquín says:

    Bad experience for me
    During the inscription process they told is everything was great in this school untill we asked to see the kitchen , then they never contacted us back even there were vacancies and we tried to contact them many times.
    Unfortunately Miss Isabel was not polite and obviously was kidding something, because the rest of the schools have no problems to show their kitchens , only Santa Clara didn’t want to show it.

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