Sinéad Galvin – Steps Into Spain

Irish, bilingual mum of 3, Sinéad Galvin has been living in Spain (Granada, Valencia, Tenerife, Barcelona and Madrid) on and off for over 20 years. Sinéad founded Steps into Spain to offer educational and relocation advice to ensure a smooth transition for families moving to Spain. Steps in Spain will find schools, manage all necessary paperwork, help you to understand Spanish culture and traditions, organise language classes for all the family and also connect you with your local community and English speaking services providing reliable recommendations and information. Sinéad worked for many years as a teacher in the public school system and the education package she offers will guide you through your search for a suitable school and the application process every step of the way. Steps in Spain offer a personalised service as they know from experience each family has unique requirements. You can schedule your free introductory call to discuss your family’s unique requirements.

Having lived here for so long I am well used to the Spanish way of living but I am a firm believer in preparing people for a slight culture shock upon arrival. Spain is different (that is why I love it!) and I want my clients to be prepared for this. Understanding the local culture and knowing the language is a key part of the settling in process. During my time in Spain I have built up a solid network of contacts and cannot wait to help other families to discover as well as connect with their local community – arranging language classes, recommending suitable clubs and gyms, local meet ups and reliable English speaking services.


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