April 23, 2018 | Madrid, Madrid education, Spain

Located in the centre of Madrid, SINEWS is a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals, including psychologists, counsellors and coaches.  The receptionists are bilingual (Spanish/English) and the professional staff are multilingual. Services for children include Psychology, Psychiatry and Speech Therapy. There are also professionals who can help with bilingualism and specialized academic support focused on learning difficulties for primary school aged children.

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Gail Harvey

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Calle Sagasta 16 Bajo Derecha, Madrid 200. / +34 917 001 979 / /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    Attending the workshop really helped me and my husband in our efforts to understand better how to educate our children in both languages. What we were doing right (and wrong!) and also reassuring us that a lot of the things you hear are actually myths. It also made me realise that some of the worries I had were shared by other parents and that with guidance and knowledge provided by Sinews, I felt that I was on the right track. (Gail Harvey)

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