SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute

October 4, 2017 | Healthcare, Madrid, Spain

SINEWS is a Madrid-based child, adolescent and adult psychiatrists. The SINEWS team offer the following services: Psychology – adults, children, couples and family therapy, Evaluation of learning difficulties for school and university students, Psychiatry for adults and children, Personal and Executive Coaching and Speech Therapy for adults and children. They understand the importance of language in any therapeutic process – that you need to be able to express yourself freely and to feel understood. That’s why they have a multidisciplinary team of native professionals offering services in several languages including English, German, Polish, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish.

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Contact Details: Calle Sagasta 16 Bajo Derecha, Madrid 2004 / +34 917 001 979 /

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  1. MumAbroad says:

    My wife and I were extremely happy with the help our child received. We both believe that it will have a profound and long-lasting beneficial effect on our child. Laurie was fantastic in identifying the problem and implementing a strategy that greatly helped to alleviate it. (S)

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