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March 9, 2021 | Educational Specialists Spain
Spanish and Lessons

Annabelle Reyes

Annabelle Reyes, is founder of Spanish & Lessons, a boutique agency for Spanish language and culture based in Madrid. Annabelle has been teaching Spanish for more than 17 years and is a keen follower of the communicative method, mixed with grammar, passion, cultural topics, patience, social reality, support, interesting conversations, enthusiasm and commitment. All of Annabelle’s lessons are tailor made making for a unique learning experience. Annabelle is also a DELE examiner for level A1/A2 and offers tutoring and coaching for DELE and SIELE exam preparation.

Annabelle’s speciality is the “Inmersion Madrileña” approach, using Madrid city like a huge living classroom. It has proved to be a successful way to practice real Spanish with locals. She enjoys seeing Madrid from the point of view of new visitors who wish to make it their home and speak another language and she is passionate about presenting the Spanish language as tool for connection and integration. Cultural adaptation comes with increased communication skills.


A communication enthusiast, Annabelle works with successful, proactive professionals, curious travellers and individuals offering personalised lessons in a unique and fun manner, always with the same end goal in mind – effective communication. She has experience with varied profiles and work environments, from senior executives to freelance professionals and families. She believes that the enthusiasm and commitment she transmits with her Spanish & Lessons brand inspires her clients to better achieve their goals. Annabelle teaches face-to-face in Madrid and online.

What we like about them

  Over 17 years teaching experience.
  Annabelle is a people's person with the ability to adapt to each individual.
  Enthusiastic and passionate about expanding her own and her students knowledge.
  Annabelle's speciality, Inmersion Madrileña, combines language learning with cultural adaptation and communication skills.

In their own words

Apart from learning the language, in this case Spanish, I want my students to enjoy and have a prosperous and fulfilling life in Madrid. In order to achieve this wellbeing and contentment, I organize social activities and events where my students can meet locals to truly understand and use what they learn in our lessons in a friendly environment.” Annabelle Reyes



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