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St. Paul’s School Barcelona

There are 8 main characteristics that define St. Paul’s School:
1. Linguistic Objectives: The aim is for pupils to be fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan and have a high level of French. 2. Academic Excellence: Pupils are encouraged to achieve their full potential. Commitment, hard work and dedication are emphasised throughout the learning process. 3. Character Development: Pupils should know how to conduct themselves in any situation, take decisions which contribute to their own personal development as individuals and lead a healthy lifestyle. 4. Leadership in Information Technologies. 5. Curriculum of the Generalitat de Catalunya: St. Paul’s School is a school in Barcelona which is open to the world. 6. Organisational Structure: All aspects of Fundación Privada St. Paul’s, a non-profit organisation, contribute to the ultimate aim: education. 7. Quality: Effort is placed on continual improvement. 8. From 3 years old up to university: A long path together.
Languages of instruction: Spanish, Catalan, English
Other languages: French

Contact Details:

Avinguda de Pearson, 39, 08034 Barcelona / +34 93 203 05 00 /

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