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June 27, 2022 |
Feel at Home Relocation Stefania Molinelli

Relocation Consultant

Stefania Molinelli founded Feel at Home Relocation after over 20 years of living in international cities around the world from Africa to Europe. Stefania had to combine ever-changing cultures and lifestyles with managing family, and personal and professional challenges. From her own experience as an expat, Stefania knows exactly which parts of relocation can be the most tricky to manage and can offer hugely useful, practical advice and tips to recently arrived families and individuals.


Feel at Home Relocation has extensive experience in national and international relocations from a variety of countries. Their team help save their clients time and energy, taking care of every aspect of a move to Milan. From finding the right place to live, translating contracts and connecting utility companies, to finding the perfect schools and feeling settled as quickly as possible.

Feel at Home Relocation can also help with the recruitment of domestic staff and tradesmen for renovation works, routine or emergency repairs around the house. They also provide complete relocation services for your pets, from entry procedures if you arrive from outside the EU, to full support in your day-to-day activities (vet search, grooming services, pet-sitters, etc.)

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What we like about them

  Practical advice & tips
  Personalised and tailored packages for each family's needs
  Stefania is a seasoned expat herself

In their own words

During the years of my expatriation, I experienced many relocation services as a client myself, both on arrival in a new country and departing from it; the services, certainly very professional, were unfortunately often rendered according to a pre-packaged scheme that didn’t leave much space for our specific requirements. The aim to make the service more “personal”, tailored on the needs of each member of the family and to anticipate their demands was the impetus.

I believe I am a sociable person, empathetic and I find it easy to make connections withe people; through relocation I have the opportunity to help families during a crucial moment that could affect their first impression of their host country.” Stefania

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