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November 10, 2021 | Educational Specialists Spain
Steps Into Spain Sinead

Sinéad Galvin

Former teacher Sinéad Galvin helps families choose the best school for their child in Madrid. How? By matching expectations with realities. She takes the weight off parents’ shoulders by providing practical support throughout the school search and selection process. She knows that happy children make for happy (and relieved!) parents. Through her boutique educational consultancy Steps into Spain she offers help at each stage of the process.

Sinéad combines her teaching knowledge with personal experience as a foreign mum of school-aged children based in Madrid and has put her skills to good use by setting up a business aimed at helping parents find the best school for their children.


How does it work? Sinead maps a journey for your family with between 3 and 8 steps. She ensures that you follow the right path and assists with decision-making along the way. As a Mum of three, she really understands and ‘gets’ what each family wants and needs. As a professional independent educational consultant, she makes sure that your family will not miss out on the best experience that Madrid schools can offer.


Every parent dreaming of giving their children a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in the cosmopolitan Spanish capital of Madrid needs someone on the ground to make it real. Far from being a fairy godmother, Sinéad is a nurturing enabler for whom the words “overseas adventure” are synonymous with “welcome home”.


How do you know you’re in the right hands? Join the Madrid Education Facebook group which Sinéad moderates and see for yourself. Her independent opinions on schools across Madrid (public, concertado and private) are cherished and welcomed by all who cross her path.


Interested in finding out more? Book a free consultation today or check out the Steps into Spain website.

What we like about them

  The first consultation is free of charge and is thorough, insightful and non-binding.
  Free resources available for those who sign up to the mailing list.
  Upfront pricing structure so that clients know what to expect and a variety of packages available according to client profile.
  Independent and unbiased opinions about schools.

In their own words

Finding the best school for your son or daughter is key to a successful overseas experience.  We all know that a happy child is a happy parent!” Sinéad Galvin



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