Study Abroad

Embrace the world of international education with our handpicked selection of study-abroad programmes. We understand the unique needs of expat families and offer a range of options that combine academic excellence with cultural immersion.

Our growing network of Study Abroad specialists and organisations in France, Spain, Germany and Italy help facilitate life-changing experiences for secondary school students. Overseas short-term study programmes help students improve academically, practise their language skills, gain independence and make friends from around the world.

There are also dedicated organisations that can organise school trips and exchanges for a full class or year group, based around language learning or a particular historical period or theme. Many prestigious international schools work directly with reputable study-abroad specialists to arrange fun and educational trips for their pupils, while giving parents peace of mind.

For teenagers considering applying to university in the UK, the USA or further afield, a semester abroad or a full academic year in another country can be an important step in giving them the confidence to take this next step. Leading universities also look favourably on applications that demonstrate unique interests and time spent studying abroad can really help to make a student stand out.

MumAbroad can recommended a range of experiences offering young people the opportunity to study abroad in an English speaking country, such as Garabi Education Advisory Service, who organise full year school exchanges, summer camps and more.