Crimson Education

November 27, 2023 |
Crimson Education

University Admissions Experts

Crimson Education was founded in 2013 with the vision to equalise the world leading university admission playing field. They work with families and schools to provide guidance on every aspect of the admissions process. Crimson offer bespoke programs of support with everything from university choice and strategy to essay development, extracurricular mentoring and standardised test tutoring.

They have offices in over 30 countries worldwide, and a network of over 2,000 mentors – many of whom are former Admissions Officers who possess a wealth of experience in college admissions.

Their global presence has helped them work with top schools across Europe – from Harrow School, Eton College and Dulwich College to the International School of Geneva and St. John’s International School in Belgium. At Crimson they take the time to understand you, and what you want to achieve. They care about your goals so share in your successes. They are dedicated to providing students with the opportunities they need to launch themselves on the international stage, and are shamelessly obsessed with delivering results for students utilising the education system of the 21st century to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Their Speakers hail from some of the most accomplished universities in the world – Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and more. Their mission is to connect their team of former Oxbridge & Ivy League Admissions Officers, Program Directors and Assistant Directors with ambitious students looking to study at the leading institutions. Their Speakers are proud to give their time and deliver free talks, workshops and sessions to guide students through the process of applying to some of the most competitive universities in the world. Their Speakers also possess a wealth of experience in college admissions and work together in carefully curated teams to ensure students have the best possible chance of success.

At Crimson, student’s results are their utmost priority, which is why every year, as admission numbers grow, they feel the need to celebrate not just their student’s achievements but how lucky Crimson have been to be part of their world leading university admissions journey. Their students have defied the odds by being accepted to the likes of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, LSE and many more world leading universities, at up to 4x the general acceptance rate. And each year the team are thrilled by the growing number of Crimson admits including students who not only receive one, two or three – but sometimes 10 or more offers to some of the best universities in the world.

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What we like about them

  Provide guidance on every aspect of the admissions process
  A large network of mentors who possess a wealth of experience in college admissions

In their own words

Crimson’s support was fundamental to my acceptance to such a competitive university. I am at Stanford because of the support of my Crimson counselors, and for this I am so grateful. – Lara F, student


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